Schedule overview

The final meeting schedule is presented below. The programme consists of keynotes, talks, poster sessions and free-form discussion. All of the talks will be presented at the Metsätalo, room 4. The doors will be opened Thursday Jan. 9 morning at 8:00.

Poster sessions are organized right outside the room, in the foyer area. Keynote talks are 45 minutes, including 5 minutes for questions. Talks are 25 minutes, including 5 minutes for questions. Poster flash talks are short, 2-minute summaries of the posters, without any visuals. The flash talks are followed by a free-form poster session. For further details, see the presentation guidelines.

The controls can be used to select the schedule level of detail. The compact mode only shows the presenter names but not the presentation titles.

Start Thursday, Jan 9 End
08:00 Registration 09:00
Session A 3D data for forest analyses
09:00 Keynote Raumonen, Pasi Raumonen, Pasi Empirical 3D and 4D structural tree models from TLS data 09:45
09:45 Talk: Stovall, Atticus E. L. Stovall, Atticus E. L. Global Trends in Three-dimensional Tree Structure 10:10
10:10 Coffee break 10:35
10:35 Talk: Calders, Kim Calders, Kim Quantifying forest growth in a free-air CO2 enrichment experiment using terrestrial laser scanning 11:00
11:00 Talk: Shenkin, Alexander Shenkin, Alexander The Surface of Trees: Architecture and Global Processes 11:30
11:30 Lunch 12:30
Session A continues
12:30 Keynote Strigul, Nikolay Strigul, Nikolay Connecting a cyberforest with a real forest using remote sensing data: parameterizing spatially-explicit individual-based forest models using 3D point clouds 13:15
13:15 Talk: Nguyen, Van-Tho Nguyen, Van-Tho Validation of plant area density estimated from TLS data by using a voxel representation of 3D forests 13:40
13:40 Talk: Junttila, S. Junttila, S. Using multispectral terrestrial lidar to detect leaf water content variation - towards non-destructive leaf water potential measurements 14:05
Poster flash talks
Bentley, Lisa Patrick Bentley, Lisa Patrick Use of TLS for fire fuels management and carbon accounting in Northern California| Bruggisser, Moritz Bruggisser, Moritz Impacts of acquisition patterns on the robustness and accuracy of tree models derived from UAV LiDAR for forest dynamic studies| Casella, Eric Casella, Eric Sensing the growth of oak trees from an eight-year TLS survey period| Cabo, Carlos Cabo, Carlos 3D forest fuel mapping for wildfire behaviour modelling| Disney, Mathias Disney, Mathias New approaches to TLS registration and information extraction from path analysis| Lau, Alvaro Lau, Alvaro Tropical tree biomass equations from terrestrial LiDAR| Pitkänen, Timo P. Pitkänen, Timo P. Improving TLS-based stem volume measurements by field data| Puttonen, Eetu Puttonen, Eetu Experiences in monitoring seasonal variation in vegetation with high density spatial and temporal terrestrial laser scanning time series| Shi, Yifang Shi, Yifang Individual silver fir (Abies alba) trees accurately mapped using hyperspectral and LiDAR data in a Central European mixed forest| Wilkes, Phil Wilkes, Phil A comparison of terrestrial LiDAR and photogrammetry for rapid characterisation of fine scale branch structure
14:30 Coffee and poster session 15:45
15:45 Discussion
A short presentation on the database initiative with survey results, followed by general discussion.
19:30 Dinner
The event will be held at Restaurant Bryggeri (Sofiankatu 2). Bring your conference badge as it tells your order to the restaurant staff.
Start Friday, Jan 10 End
Session B Model identification using 3D forest data
The session is co-organized by the TLSRCN network.
08:30 Keynote Särkkä, Aila Särkkä, Aila Could ideas from mathematical models for material structures be used in tree crown modelling? 09:15
09:15 Talk: Casella, Eric Casella, Eric Sensitivity analysis of an automated processing chain and uncertainty in the prediction of tree above ground biomass from TLS data 09:40
09:40 Coffee break 10:05
10:05 Talk: Wang, Di Wang, Di Towards an automated processing chain for 3D tree reconstructions from large scale TLS data 10:30
10:30 Talk: Radtke, Philip Radtke, Philip Validating TLS-derived Quantitative Structure Models with Direct Measurements of Tree Structure, Volume, and Biomass 11:00
Poster flash talks
Boucher, Peter Boucher, Peter Recording the Progression of a Forest Insect Infestation in 3D| Demol, Miro Demol, Miro TLS for long-term forest monitoring: experience from the ICOS flux tower network| Hancock, Steven Hancock, Steven Modelling the boreal forest’s impact on the snow energy balance| Krishna Moorthy, Sruthi M. Krishna Moorthy, Sruthi M. Terrestrial LiDAR reveals a shift in tree allometry due to long-term liana infestation| Krůček, Martin & Král, Kamil Krůček, Martin & Král, Kamil 3D Forest as a tool for assessing crown shape plasticity and aboveground canopy competition in 3D space| Olivier, Martin-Ducup Olivier, Martin-Ducup Convergence of tree architecture with increasing canopy position. An approach from terrestrial laser scanning in central Africa| Sghaier, Abderrahman & Ouessar, Mohamed Sghaier, Abderrahman & Ouessar, Mohamed Photosynthetical activity modelization of olive trees growing under drought conditions| Su, Chang Su, Chang Strigolactone Regulation of Tree Architecture| Terryn, Louise Terryn, Louise Winners and Losers: does water availability affect the Structural Economic Spectrum of tropical forests?| van der Zee, Jens van der Zee, Jens Understanding crown shyness from a 3D perspective
11:30 Poster session 12:30
12:30 Lunch 13:35
Session C Towards analysis of forest functioning
13:35 Keynote Pretzsch, Hans Pretzsch, Hans The information potential of crown allometry for tree and stand dynamics 14:20
14:20 Talk: Bronner, Günther Bronner, Günther DeepDigitalForest 14:45
14:45 Coffee break 15:15
15:15 Talk: Fischer, Fabian Jörg Fischer, Fabian Jörg The Canopy Constructor – Using Airborne Lidar to create virtual 3D inventories for biomass inference and the initialisation of individual-based forest models 15:40
15:40 Talk: Verbeeck, Hans Verbeeck, Hans Time for a Plant Structural Economics Spectrum 16:10
16:10 Closing of the meeting